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Welcome to Judy Bird Beauty

Experience the benefits of Caci Facials, skin rejuvenation and beauty treatments in the calm, capable and soothing hands of Judy Bird.
Judy Bird Beauty is based at her home near Epsom and Cobham in Surrey.

Judy Bird

With over 30 years experience in the beauty treatment industry, Judy is expertly qualified to provide the best and latest skin treatments, including the world’s best non-surgical facelift, CACI.

Judy provides a relaxed and personal experience from her treatment rooms in Cobham Surrey.

Clients book time and time again, preferring the personal touch that you simply can’t get from a typical high street salon or clinic.

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Non surgical anti ageing facial treatments are now available at my home salon in Headley, Surrey. The Caci machine delivers exceptional results by regenerating muscle tone and encouraging cell repair. Consequently, this wonderful, skin re-hydrating treatment has been recently voted as the world’s best non-surgical facelift. Book today to experience the immediate and dramatic results from Caci facials.

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